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“If you are possessed by an idea, you find it expressed everywhere. You can even smell it.” Thomas Mann.

Oud Essentials by The Real Oud Company was born of an idea.

That idea was to harness the potential of one of the most remarkable substances on the planet - a substance known as Oud, and often referred to as ‘liquid gold’ - and incorporate it into the ever-burgeoning global skincare market.

Precious, rare, incomparably complex, the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree (known as agarwood or Oud) has been revered by countless cultures, civilizations and religions for thousands of years. An ingredient of choice for both the ancient and modern worlds of perfumery, Oud possesses both mental and physical health-giving properties that the scientific community is only now beginning to understand and appreciate.

These properties are now set to change the face of the skincare industry, with a new range of products that represent the perfect marriage between the old and the new; the ancient and the modern; tradition and technology.

“New ideas are but gathered fragments from the past.” James Lendall Basford.

Recognising the value and extraordinary qualities of Oud as an essential oil, a team of experts, that includes skincare industry professional Jean-Marc Dufat, has evolved ‘Oud Essentials’ - a range of products that brings together nature and science, with each item containing, at its heart, 100% pure, organic, finest quality Oud - sustainably sourced, ethically produced and certified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

It is the substance that has come to the world’s attention with the expressions created by some of the world’s most eminent perfumers, and has been described as ‘the ingredient of the 21st Century’ in the world of international fragrance.

Oud Essentials has access to dedicated plantations in Southeast Asia – on which the Oud is produced – and perceived a niche in the global perfume and skincare market along with an unmet need that was perfect for its remarkable ingredient.

Working together with Swiss and British skincare industry experts, as well as a coterie of scientists in Asia, Oud Essentials has been in the making for more than three years, and in harnessing the real power of genuine Oud, has created a vertically integrated business model based on the core precepts of sustainability, renewability and environmental awareness. It is a story for our times, and one that deserves a wider audience and greater participation.